B-25 Ground School

When: Feb 09-10, 2019

What: Special Event


Where: Georgetown - Georgetown, TX

Rides?: Rides not available at this event. Check for other upcoming ride opportunities.

Contact info: Beth Jenkins (512) 869-1759

Mandatory for pilots and crew chiefs.

We will begin ground school at 9:30 a.m. at Pilots Choice.

At noon we will have lunch at Pilots Choice in conjunction with our monthly Board Meeting.

We will then move to the G.T.U. Terminal for the remaining classes.

On Sunday we will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Terminal and be done around noon.

Topics include operations and systems training/review, FAA Exemption 6802 (paid rides program) recurrence training and CAF regulations refresher.

Reservations (RSVP) for the school are required, members may RSVP in the members area of the squadron website, non-members may attend as well, for a small donation, send a request to attend to

The following training videos need to be viewed before attending the ground school.

Inside a P-51Engine out of airport landing and Discussion - 35 Min

Fuel Management Made Easy - 13 Min

Accident Case Study Communication Breakdown - 13 Min

Engine Out from Trouble to Touchdown - 10 Min

Back to Basics - Pressure Points: Decision Making in Commercial Flight Operations - 30 Min

Also if you are interested in helping with maintenance of the aircraft you need to complete the following online training.

CAFR 66-1 Training (Maintenance)

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